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Thanks, Mr. Stone!

Thankyou, Mr. Neville Clarke Stone!
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Everyone loves Mr. Stone, purveyor of Modern History to the Penrith High School community. He nurtures our minds, and makes us appreciate Tsar Nicholas like no one before him (except, perhaps, those people that made the Anastasia film...).

Plus, he has a stylish, if not ZANY fashion sense, and his ties are just cosmic! Thus, this is everyone's outlet for thanking Mr. Neville Clark Stone for anything (no matter how irrelevant), in our daily lives, be it spiritual, physical or mental!

All hail, Mr. Stone!
"i've been there.", crooked ties, destroying forests, distance ed students, israel, loving clark, modern history, mr stone, neville clark stone, outspoken students, schlieffen plans, the photocopier, untucked shirts, worshipping the stone